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TuTeLa -Turin Tech & Law: a Lab for Social Good - Hub:1 Istituzioni e Giustizia

Programma di ricerca
Dipartimento di Eccellenza 2023-2027
Ente finanziatore
Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca
01/01/2023 - 31/12/2025
Enrico Marello

Partecipanti al progetto

Descrizione del progetto


The overall objective of the TuTeLa project is Addressing the access to justice gap through legal tech, focusing on private and administrative law. The mission of TuTeLa is to redefine the legal tech landscape by emphasizing an ethical framework and adopting a theoretical law-by-design approach.
An important result of the TuTeLa’s project will be the creation of a Turin-based research centre (the LAB) in the Turin Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, with the aim of positioning the TuTeLa as aleading hub for legal tech for social good in the European Union.

TuTeLa, therefore, aims to reach the main actors who shape the field of social good:
- Public Administrations by reducing the complexity of their procedures and increasing their awareness of the need to produce administrative acts that are clearer and more accessible;
- Social workers, legal aid providers and legal professionals by enabling them to provide adequate protection to their clients;
- Third sector organisations by providing them with digital tools to ensure that vulnerable individuals and groups are guaranteed equal opportunities and effective access to justice and social services;
- Start-ups: by inspiring start-ups to foster open-source initiatives or adopt socially advantageous strategies within their products and services, enabling them to differentiate themselves in the market and contribute to thrive amidst larger competitors;
- Law students by preparing them to approach the world of technological and social innovation in a way that will enable them to deal with new ideas (such as products, services, and models) that meet social needs while creating new relationships and collaborations that are good for society itself.

During the three years of the project, TuTeLa will focus its research to achieve these specific objectives:

  • - Redesigning legal communication, through legal tech.
  • - Mapping and redesigning information retrieval and basic document preparation.
Research members
Law Researchers
Isabella Alberti
Roberto Cavallo Perin
Jacopo Ciani Sciolla
Marco Colella
Riccardo de Caria
Chiara Di Cicco
Alessia Funari
Eugenia Jona
Enrico Marello
Silvia Martinelli
Alberto Oddenino
Virginia Passalacqua
Cristina Poncibò
Fabrizio Sudiero
Linguistics Researchers
Elisa Corino
Maria Vittoria Dell’Anna
Jacqueline Visconti
Psychological Sciences Researchers
Davide Marengo
Computer Sciences Researchers
Tommaso Agnoloni
Yasir Arfat
Daniele Paolo Radicioni
- Copenhagen Legal/Tech Lab.
- Information Society Law Center (ISLC) – University of Milan (Statale)
- Kopjra Srl – Legal Tech Italy
- Sweet Legal Tech S.r.l.
- Robotics & AI Law Society – RAILS  
- Comunità di Sant’Egidio
- AGAT - Associazione Giovani Avvocati Torino
- Associazione Avvocato di Strada - Organizzazione di volontariato
- Città Metropolitana di Torino- CMTO
- UNCC - Unione nazionale delle Camere Civili
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