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EU Mobility and Migration Law

Programma di ricerca
ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet
Ente finanziatore
Commissione Europea
30.000,00 €
12/09/2019 - 11/09/2022
Stefano Montaldo

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Descrizione del progetto

The project addresses the most debated issues of EU mobility and migration law. It is intended to provide high-quality (e-)learning opportunities to students, professionals and the general public, with a view to foster a positive attitude towards the EU integration process in this domain.

Teaching activities:
- Course on EU mobility and migration law (40 hours/year);
- Advanced Winter School (18 hours/year).

The staff combines renowned senior academics and early-career researchers and post-docs from various Universities. This composition aims to add value to the teaching activities and to develop the young academics' teaching skills.

Teaching methodologies:
The innovative flipped classroom pedagogical approach will be used, to maximize pro-active in-class activities (critical analysis of relevant texts, use of IT learning tools such as Kahoot and Socrative, innovative debating methodologies such as role-games and dynamic assemblies)

The teaching activities will be open to students of law, political sciences, sociology, anthropology, strategic sciences and foreign languages and cultures.

- A project website with a varied set of contents (summaries, visualizations, videos, factsheets, fact-checking reports, quizzes) on the subject area, addressed to the general public. The students will be actively engaged in the preparation of these materials, as part of their final exam, under the supervision of teaching staff and external experts. This will allow them to further develop hard and soft skills for their future career;
- Academic publications (2 collective open access e-books; module leader: 1 peer reviewed article/year; UNITO teaching staff: 1 peer reviewed article by the end of the project).

- Yearly public conferences;
- TO-EU events series (at least 2 seminars or workshops/year) addressed to professionals, post-graduates and general audience;
- A contest for the best written essay, addressed to high school students.

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