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The Making of a New European Legal Culture. Prevalence of a single model, or cross-fertilisation of national legal traditions?

Compagnia di San Paolo
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Progetti di Ricerca d’Ateneo 2011 - Compagnia di Sanpaolo
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Compagnia di San Paolo
01/02/2012 - 01/08/2014
Michele Graziadei

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  • Abstract:

"How a new European legal culture is being shaped in Europe?"

The project addresses this fundamental question to make lawyers and citizen more aware of the dynamics of European law and how they impact on their work and on their life. The research covers two main issues grounding on a interdisciplinary, comparative methodology bridging different areas of the law ( international law, comparative and EU law, legal history) and research in the field of IT technology.
First, the project aims to investigate the principal obstacles to the formation of a more integrated European legal culture, such as communication problems arising out of the great degree of linguistic diversity of the law in Europe.
Second, the project focuses on the dynamics of the interactions among the national legal traditions that influence the building blocks of a shared European legal culture. Are national legal cultures competing or interacting on equal footing in the European scenario? Do main players manage to set the legislative agenda of the European institutions and others follow, or is the process of legal change in Europe more evenly pushed by a variety of inputs? Even partial answers to these questions have a capital importance for the future of the law in Europe, because they highlight the tensions behind the façade of harmonising projects.
To overcome the current shortcomings along the road towards a common legal culture the project includes a set of policy-oriented initiatives including but not limited to: the development of innovative IT tools conceived in an interdisciplinary environment, clinics and workshops. Ultimately, the project tends to increase the level of consciousness of jurists and civil society about the emerging dimensions of European legal culture, and the stakes that are involved in the making of it.”

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