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TLEFoL- Teaching Law in English as a Foreign Language

TLEFoL- Teaching Law in English as a Foreign Language

Progetti europei
Programma di ricerca
Grant for Internationalization II tornata
Ente finanziatore
€ 30.103,84
01/02/2023 - 31/12/2023
Giulia Terlizzi
Shaira Thobani
Andrea Pennini

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The teaching of legal subjects in a language other than that of the legal system in which the teaching takes place raises many issues, which affect the content, the methods and the aims of teaching. The project is therefore intended to stimulate critical reflection on the university teaching of law courses in English as a foreign language. To this end, a short questionnaire is proposed in order to map the offer of English law courses in different jurisdictions and identify common issues. In a second step the results of the survey will be examined and discussed, with the intention of providing a forum for common reflection. In order to collect more homogeneous results, the questionnaire focuses on private law courses. Considering the differences among different jurisdictions regarding what is covered in university teaching as “private law”, we take a broad interpretation, which includes business law and private international law as well.


Université Savoie MontBlanc
Universidad de ZARAGOZA
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