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Platform & Data Economy European Legal Framework: platform, data-driven business models, AI and contract automation – PLATFORMLAW

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ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet
Ente finanziatore
Commissione Europea
01/02/2022 - 31/01/2025

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Descrizione del progetto

The course will focus on legal issue concerning platforms - data driven business models with application of AI and contract automation - with a European approach. It will analyse the main legal issues in platform regulation and in the the use of data and AI in platforms (i.e. social networks, marketplaces, collaborative economy platforms, B2B platforms, IoT platforms, e-health App, no food losses app, etc.).

These topical themes, which are becoming more and more relevant in today’s EU and national law as well as policy, are often taught in separate courses, while this proposal suggest a fully-fledged educational program covering all of them, focusing on platform applications,
emphasizing their European dimension.

European legislation, comparative law studies and the needs coming up from business operators will be discussed during class and offered to many categories of participants (young students, lawyers, start-upper, business operators, interested citizens).The project will help to stimulate the study of the European legal framework and to give evidence to the role of Europe in the digital transformation for the creation of a flourish, competitive, safe and trustworthy digital economy.
At the same time, it will sustain digital transformation and the European Digital Economy. In particular it will reinforce and promote knowledge to
a) increase the match between education and market’s needs;
b) improve digital knowledge of traditional operators and becoming more open to the digital transformation;
c) data-driven business operators, to acquire a knowledge on the legal framework applicable to their businesses;
d) increase the trustworthy on new technologies and the comprehension of the digital evolution, opportunities, risk and challenges, for becoming conscious citizen and consumers;
e) underline European values and fundamental rights (privacy, non-discrimination, freedom of speech, etc).

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