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Freezing ORders and Confiscation orders: Effort for common standards - FORCE

DG Justice, Home, Migration
01/04/2022 - 31/03/2024
Laura Scomparin
Valeria Ferraris
Andrea Cabiale

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FORCE aims at improving judicial cooperation in the recovery of illicit assets. Regulation (EU)
2018/1805 has introduced freezing and confiscation orders, together with standardized forms. However, it leaves room to different national implementation strategies that are already emerging. This Project will gather and study these arrangements through an exhaustive
desk research and through semistructured interviews to be held with selected practitioners.

The results of the study will be presented in a comparative report on the
implementation of Regulation (EU) 2018/1805 and they will be developed in three main directions.

First, the national procedures will be organized and published on a devoted section of FORCE’s
digital ecosystem – a set of ICT tools integrated in the Project’s website. European practitioners will be able to rely on an updated database on national practices, where they will find the description of the inner freezing and confiscation instruments, relevant contact information on national authorities and practical instructions on how to successfully deliver a freezing/confiscation order.

Second, FORCE will share the results of the desk research through a Virtual Learning Environment that will host a Massive Online Open Course and Case simulations, in order to raise awareness on the Regulation and to bridge national discrepancies or lack of training. A simpler version of the content will be also disseminated through FORCE’s podcasts in order to reach a larger audience.

Third, FORCE will develop a model of cooperation in order to picture a “best-case scenario”. The project’s staff will draft a provisional version of Common Practical Standards and Recommendations, to be discussed with practitioners through a devoted section of FORCE’s digital ecosystem – FORCE Community – and through seminars and focus groups.

After a thorough confrontation, the final version of the standards and recommendations on freezing and confiscation orders will be delivered.

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