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Warning on Crime, Strengthening Knowledge Enhancing Warnings Raising Awareness on Public Works’ Corruption and Criminal Infiltration (W.O.C.)

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SH2_8 - Legal theory, legal systems, constitutions, comparative law
01/03/2014 - 28/02/2016
Prof.ssa Laura Scomparin

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Descrizione del progetto

  • Abstract:

The issues addressed by Project WOC:

  • lack of common legal rules among the Member States on the prevention of criminal infiltration in the legitimate economy, in particular in public works;
  • lack of common warning mechanisms among the Member States useful to identify the risks of criminal infiltration due to weak legislation, administrative procedures, etc.;
  • lack of a public debate among EU citizens on the risks related to the criminal infiltration in public works.

The Objectives of Project WOC:

Nowadays, the EU financial intervention in major public works is fundamental. This means that the relationship between public procurements and the EU financial interest is getting stronger and stronger. As the protection of the UE public money is a solidarity interest at a higher level, different from the sum of the MS’ national interests, the EU policy on this matter must be truly effective. As a matter of fact, the present situation offers many opportunities to organized crime, especially due to the differences between legislations and warning systems among EU MSs that creates a high risk of OC penetration. As a result, the general, long-term objective of the project is the protection of the economy against criminal infiltration in EU major public works and the improvement of EU citizens' awareness on the issue.

The project has two specific objectives:

  • to identify the strengths and the weaknesses of the standing legislation and administrative procedures among the EU MSs;
  • to propose a set of recommendations and warning mechanisms.

The Project WOC started in March 2014 and last two yers. It will carry out the following activities:

  • three background analysis (a) on relevancy of legal instruments to fight criminal infiltration into legitimate economy; (b) on the modus operandi of organised crime to exploit legal markets; (c) on the existence of a "public discourse" about the criminal infiltration in public major works;
  • a Case Study on Turin-Lyon high-speed railroad major work. This activity works for rebuild the history of opera from the point of view of prevention and fight against crime, aiming to identify the strengths and weaknesses in order to prevent criminal infiltration and corruption;
  • a comparative study on legislation and administrative procedures of 28 MS.

A final international meeting will be organized in Turin to present the main results of the project.


  • Consortium:

Coordinator of the project: University of Torino


  • Maastricht University – Faculty of Law – Nederland
  • Romanian Centre for European Policies – Romania
  • Amapola Progetti per la sicurezza delle persone e delle comunità – Italy
  • Association des Fondateurs et Protecteurs de l’Institut Catholique de Lyon – France
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